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Go Directly to these Amazing Locations for Awe-Inspiring Views

The most breathtaking views in all of New York.

New York is a state that is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world thanks to its wide array of natural and man-made locations. Those who travel throughout New York State can lose themselves in the natural beauty of forests and beaches, the flashing neon lights of Manhattan, serene lakes and ocean inlets, and so much more.

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While there are plenty of amazing locations in New York, some specific places offer sweeping and breathtaking views that are so unforgettable the have to be experienced firsthand. From vistas overlooking the concrete jungle of Manhattan to overviews that display the beauty of nature but require effort to reach, there are some unforgettable scenic displays that visitors are sure to love. Here are the most breathtaking views in all of New York that have to be enjoyed at least once in a lifetime.

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One World Trade

Lower Manhattan has seen its share of tragedy with the September 11th attacks, however, in the years since, the location has been rebuilt to be bigger and more beautiful than ever. One World Trade is the new skyscraper that dominates the area and it is the largest building in the Western Hemisphere. Standing over seventeen hundred feet tall, the building has one hundred and four floors and offers the most stunning views of Manhattan and surrounding regions. The Observatory at One World Trade is open to visitors who ascend in the SkyPod Elevators which climb over one hundred stories in less than one minute. Once at the top, visitors can enjoy scenic views in addition to interactive experiences and more. The Global Welcome Center offers the chance to see cities around the world in real-time, the Streets Beneath Your Feet area features a glass floor that showcases the streets below, and other exhibits allow guests to explore the history of the area and the building itself. While all of the exhibits are wonderful, any trip to One World Trade Observatory is simply worth it for the spectacular views of Manhattan.

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Anthony’s Nose

The Hudson Valley region of New York State is home to some of the most unforgettable nature experiences thanks to quiet parks, extensive hiking trails, and the beautiful Hudson River. Those who are looking to combine all three of those aspects can head to a section of the Appalachian Trail that passes through Bear Mountain State Park and ends in a scenic overlook that is worth every ounce of effort to get there. Anthony’s Nose is a two and a half-mile round trip hike that features a difficult portion at the start. The first half a mile features a five hundred foot vertical staircase made of rocks that can be difficult for even experienced hikers. Once past the staircase, the remainder of the hike is a mild walking path that leads to the overlook. After the effort and hike, hikers arrive at Anthony’s Nose, a breathtaking overlook showcasing the beauty of the Hudson Valley, the Hudson River, and the Bear Mountain Bridge. With visibility of miles on clear days, the hike to reach Anthony’s Nose is well worth it! Since this path can be very popular in the warm months, hikers who are looking to enjoy a quieter experience should opt to head out early in the mornings.

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Breakneck Ridge

Another popular view in New York’s Hudson Valley features a hike that needs even more effort than Anthony’s Nose. Breakneck Ridge is situated between the towns of Beacon and Cold Spring and features an elevation of over twelve hundred feet offering beautiful views of the area. With convenient train stops just across the street from the beginning of the trail, Breakneck Ridge is easy to access from Manhattan and surrounding areas. The hike comes in at just under four miles round trip but is very difficult as it features extensive potions of scrambling and steep climbing. While there are several overlooks on the climb up, the main vista is worth every ounce of effort as hikers can take in sweeping views of the Hudson Valley. With views of Storm King Mountain, Pollepel Island and Bannerman’s Castle, and the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge, the overlook from Breakneck Ridge is one that simply has to be experienced in person to understand its grandeur. With the outstanding view comes the popularity that keeps Breakneck Ridge busy throughout the warm months of the year. Weekends, in particular, are very crowded and those looking to enjoy the large crowds should opt to enjoy the hike on a weekday or early in the morning. Whether crowded or not, the amazing view from the top of Breakneck Ridge makes the difficult climb worth every minute!

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