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You Might Be Surprised by How Much There is to Do and See in Cooperstown

The very best places to spend a weekend in the middle of New York state.

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New York is home to many small towns that are filled with the perfect combination of history, charm, culture, and entertainment that make them perfect weekend getaways. Central New York is home to Cooperstown which many people know as the home of baseball. While this is true and the town does have many nods to its rich sports history, it is also home to some other amazing locations that make it ideal for spending a weekend of relaxing and exploring. Cooperstown is home to several museums, restaurants, entertainment venues, breweries, and more that are perfectly paired with charming architecture that is common in Central New York. With plenty to do and explore, planning a long weekend in Cooperstown is the perfect idea no matter what time of year. Here are the very best places to visit when spending time in Cooperstown.

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The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

Since Cooperstown has such a rich history of sports and is considered to be the birthplace of baseball, it is no surprise that one of the most popular locations to celebrate the sport is found in the heart of the town. The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum began in 1936 when the first four players were inducted into the Hall of Fame and officially opened three years later when the Hall of Fame building was completed. Those who visit the location today can browse nostalgic and historical items from the game as well as check out exhibits such as Pride and Passion, Babe Ruth’s Life and Legend, Taking the Field, Chasing the Dream, Viva Baseball!, Diamond Dreams, and Whole New Ballgame. After exploring the museum and hall of fame, guests can also check out a live game on nearby Doubleday field. Open most days of the year, The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is the perfect location to enjoy a few hours learning all about the pastime of the nation’s greatest sport in Cooperstown.

Brewery Ommegang

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A must-visit location in Cooperstown, New York is the popular Brewery Ommegang where Belgian-style beers are highlighted using special brewing techniques and delicious flavors. Founded in 1997 by Don Feinberg and Wendy Littlefield, the brewery has gained popularity over the years and expanded into the location it currently occupies in Cooperstown today. Those who visit Brewery Ommegang can enjoy free public tours seven days a week aside from major holidays. After enjoying the special tour, delicious meals can be enjoyed at Café Ommegang where the menu pairs perfectly with the beers thanks to Belgian-inspired flavors and ingredients. The café also offers wonderful views from the patio as well as indoor seating for cooler months. Some popular beers that Brewery Ommegang makes year-round that can be found in the tasting room are the Witte Wheat Ale, Rare Vos Amber Ale, Hennepin Farmhouse Saison, Abbey Ale Dubbel Ale, Three Philosophers Quadrupel Ale, and Gnomegang Blonde Ale.

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The Fenimore Art Museum

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Another location in Cooperstown that has had a long history in bringing culture to the community is The Fenimore Art Museum. Founded in 1899 by locals who aimed to promote the early history of the state, the museum moved to the Fenimore House in 1944 and currently resides on the shores of Ostego Lake. With a wide array of exhibits, The Fenimore Art Museum focuses on celebrating both history and culture through unique subjects and artifacts. Current exhibits include Winter Warmth: Coverlets, Quilts, and Clothing, Puzzles of the Brain: An Artist’s Journey through America, Hamilton’s Final Act: Enemies and Allies, History: Photographs by David Levinthal, The Barber Surreal: Eugene Berman’s Reimagined Barber of Seville, Native Celebrations of the Inland Northwest: Photographs by Jeff Ferguson, and Eugene and Clare Thaw: A Memorial Tribute. With amazing exhibits and beautiful grounds overlooking the water, a visit to The Fenimore Art Museum is a must while in Cooperstown.

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The Farmer’s Museum

The Farmer’s Museum / Facebook

Another wonderful museum in Cooperstown is focused on the history of agriculture and farming. The Farming Museum is situated on a location that has been a working farm since 1813 and the museum itself opened its doors in 1944. With over twenty-three thousand artifacts, The Farmer’s Museum is an amazing location to explore and home to many different informative exhibits. Some current exhibits include Grow: An Exhibit to Get You Gardening, Barns: Cathedrals of the Countryside, and more. A highlight of the experience at The Farmer’s Museum is the 19th-century Historic Village which features restore buildings such as the pharmacy, doctor’s office, smokehouse, farm unit shed, and corncrib. With a wonderful glimpse of the past and history of farming, a visit to The Farmer’s Museum is a great way to spend time on a long weekend in Cooperstown.

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