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Fall Colors! The Most Gorgeous Spots in New York this Season

You'll be awe-inspired by these incredible locations with idyllic autumn foliage.

Fall is one of the most beautiful times across the entire United States as the weather begins to cool off leading up to winter and the colors begin to change. No such location is as beautiful to visit at this time of year as New England thanks to its abundance of natural beauty and changing leaves that make the area vibrant and alive. New York, in particular, is home to some of the most amazing locations for travelers to enjoy thanks to its plethora of natural beauty and abundance of locations where stunning views and foliage can be enjoyed. Autumn is the prime leaf peeping season in New York, and hundreds of thousands of tourists and locals alike flock to certain areas to enjoy the beautiful changing weather and views. From stunning vistas in rural areas to natural beauty in the middle of the urban jungle, there are plenty of amazing places to enjoy the changing autumn colors. While many locations in New York offer beautiful views, some are simply more amazing than others and cannot be missed. Here are the most gorgeous spots to see autumn colors this fall in New York.

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Castle Rock

Those who are looking to enjoy both the beautiful changing colors as well as a stunning outdoor hike and vista should head to the Adirondacks for a wonderful trail that is worth the effort. Castle Rock is located in Garrison, New York and is situated overlooking Blue Mountain Lake. Visitors can enjoy a relatively easy one and a half mile hike that elevates about seven hundred feet to culminate in a beautiful vista with sweeping views of Blue Mountain Lake and the fall foliage surrounding it. While the overall hike is relatively easy going, hikers should note that the final approach to the summit becomes momentarily steep, however the effort is well worth the view at the end. For some of the best views of the changing autumn colors, Castle Rock is the perfect experience.

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Bear Mountain State Park

Another popular location that many people flock to each fall in New York is located in the Palisades region and even features part of the Appalachian Trail. Bear Mountain State Park is located in Bear Mountain, New York, and features over five thousand acres of beauty to explore. Visitors can enjoy stunning views of the Hudson River from the Bear Mountain Bridge, explore the Bear Mountain Zoo, and travel on countless trails that bring them deep into nature amongst the beautiful autumn colors. Also popular are the extensive biking trails and the beautiful Merry-Go-Round with forty two beautifully carved animals that are native to the area.

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Central Park

Some people might not automatically think of Manhattan when contemplating the best places to enjoy the fall foliage in New York, however, there is one such location in the heart of the city that offers beautiful glimpses of the changing colors. Central Park is beloved by both locals and tourists and offers picturesque views of both the city and nature. Spanning nearly sixty blocks, Central Park is massive and home to many different unique areas for guests to wander and explore. Some of the most popular locations for checking out the autumn colors in Central Park are The Loeb Boathouse, Reservoir, Belvedere Castle, Shakespeare Garden, and Sheep Meadow. With charming pathways, beautiful architecture, and changing fall colors, Central Park is the perfect location to escape the city and enjoy autumn in.

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Letchworth State Park

Castile, New York is home to a beautiful and massive park that offers some of the most gorgeous views of the autumn colors alongside the gently flowing Genesee River. Letchworth State Park spans over fourteen thousand acres and is extremely popular in the fall months thanks to its plethora of special events and natural beauty from the changing leaves. Guests who spend time in the park can enjoy extensive hiking and biking trails that offer quiet moments with nature in addition to popular events such as the Appleumpkni Festival, Oktoberfest at the Club Under the Tent, and more. Featuring campgrounds and cabins to stay in, visitors to Letchworth State Park can truly enjoy stepping away from it all and losing themselves in the beauty of the changing seasons.

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Allegany State Park

Another state park in New York spans a massive sixty-four thousand acres and offers unique experiences in the beauty of nature every fall. Allegany State Park is located in the town of Salamanca and features endless miles of hiking trails in addition to campsites and cabins that guests can relax at. One of the most popular locations to enjoy in Allegany State Park is Bridal Falls which feeds into Stoddard Creek. Guests can enjoy a leisurely hike to the location which is near the popular Red House Lake to enjoy beautiful colors accompanied by the gently flowing waterfall. Allegany State Park is the perfect location to enjoy each autumn in New York thanks to its endless trails that offer uninterrupted views of the beautiful fall colors and foliage.

Planting Fields Arboretum

In addition to the beautiful changing colors in upstate New York, Long Island is also home to its fair share of amazing locations that offer beautiful glimpses of the fall foliage. Oyster Bay, New York is home to the wonderful Planting Fields Arboretum spans over four hundred acres and is home to sprawling fields, enchanting gardens, quiet trails, and the beautiful Coe Hall. Visitors to the park can enjoy tours of the stately home before spending hours wandering through the charming paths and walkways of the property. With many different paths to choose from, visitors should be sure to explore the Lowland Trail which runs half a mile and offers views of the semi-wet lowlands for a true Long Island feel. With beautiful seasonal gardens and the wonder of the fall foliage, Planting Fields Arboretum is a wonderful location to explore each autumn in New York.

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